Terms & Conditions

When you’ve made a booking with me through the website, FB Messenger, Whatsapp, Email, Text or phone call it will go through as an official booking. This means that your pet’s name or house will be in the diary and I will be made available for that slot of time you have requested. Your slot cannot then be given to another client.

My cancellation policy is as fair as possible and as long as you give me 48 hour notice there will be no charge together with valid reasons.

Failing to notify me after the 48 hours, 20% will be deducted from your payment.

If any reason during the booking time there will be any changes example holiday cut short or cancelling my service early, please get in touch and update me so I can take on other clients.

In the extremely unlikely event that I will need to cancel an assignment all fees will be refunded to you.

All clients are responsible for providing all food, treats, medicine, litters and anything else your pet will need during the entire length of your absence. If these items are not provided in sufficient quantities, they will be bought by me and charged to you upon your return.

If there is an emergency situation regarding the health or any concern of your pet please rest assured that I will try to contact you in the first instance. If your pet requires a trip to the vet I will transport to your veterinary surgeon or if this is not possible due to distance or opening hours I will attend the nearest surgery if I deem the situation time critical. An emergency vet trip and duration will be charge extra £15. The cost of any necessary treatment will be your responsibility. You are able to pay the vet fees directly with them over the phone or online.

Happy Pet will not be held responsible for damage to carpets, rugs, furniture, personal belongings, floors, plants or lawns caused by your pet biting, scratching, urinating, spraying vomiting or defecating. Every reasonable effort will be made to clean up messes caused by your pet that are found by me with cleaning materials made available by you. You will be kept updated of any damage we consider unusual and of course if I am concerned about the health of your cat I will alert you immediately.

I will aim to carry your pet’s visits at the same times each day to stick to a routine. It is understood that visitation times are approximate to your pet or home needs.  

My visits are carried out between 9am and 9pm.Specifically timed visits such as visits to diabetic pets on medication/specific diets will be prioritised to stick to pet’s routine. If you require a visit before 9am or after 9pm please contact me with details, I’m flexible.

Dute to Covid-19 restrictions my visit will last from a minimum of 20 minutes upward. Again this will depends on individual pets in care. Please rest assured that all necessary precautions will be taken at all times whilst visiting your homes.

I will collect your keys from you during our free initial consultation when I meet you and your pet in your own home. You will be asked to confirm your return and I will return your keys directly to you or your post through the letter box as you prefer.

You will be asked to give a set of keys to your emergency contact provided in the client information sheet form. This is only precautionary in case of any key loss. For the safety of both me and the clients, the property keys will be stored in a safe and your personal information will be kept secure electronically and confidential. Upon request your personal information can be erased from my storage or kept if my service is required again.

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